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2 bedroom detached – 279K 1 story – Casa Pitaya
2 bedroom detached – 299K 2 story – Casa Pedrito
3 bedroom detached – Casa Playa – SOLD OUT
3 bedroom detached – 389K 1 story – Casa Hacienda

$ 295,000.00 US CLOSING PRICE $ 5,900.00 USD

$ 395,000.00 US CLOSING PRICE $ 7,900.00 USD

30% of the purchase price upon execution of the purchase & sale agreement.

30% of the purchase price, shall be payable within 10 (ten) days of the client receiving notification that the foundation of the building has been completed as certified by the corresponding Architect or Construction Chief.

30% of the purchase, shall be payable within 10 days of the client receiving notification that the main structure, excluding the roof, of the building has been completed as certified by the Architect or Construction Chief.

10% of the purchase price upon completion of the building as certified by the Architect or Construction Chief.

Base Building:
  • Basic construction will be concrete block and costs of all labour, construction materials, architectural supervision and construction management are included in the purchase price.
Building Systems include:
  • all connections required for water, sewage and electrical services. Irrigation connection provided in close proximity.
  • water storage cistern 5,000 liters
  • Building standard 1-hp water pump and 40 gal pressure tank.
  • Propane tank (300 liters) located under stairway.
  • Propane fueled, tank-type 30 gallon hot water heater
  • Bronze anodized aluminum windows and sliding doors of 6mm glass with screens.
  • Filtered Drinking Water System
Interiors include:
  • Interior walls – paint over smooth finished gypsum plaster
  • Interior doors – paint over solid core wood
  • Smooth finished concrete floors (pulido) throughout with integral color or choice of tile.
  • Kitchen and bathroom counters of smooth finished concrete (pulido) with integral color or choice of tile.
  • Kitchen and bathroom cabinets with wood doors
  • Ceiling light fixtures (Tecno Lite Brand; “Nadi” Model; Ydm-1508/14W/41/B)
  • Ceiling fans – one in each bedroom and in Salon
  • Refrigerator, stove
  • Kitchen exhaust
  • Preparation for mini-split A/C units in each bedroom and living area
  • All plumbing for sinks, faucets, toilets.
  • Kitchen sink – stainless steel “Teka” brand or built in concrete
  • Bathroom sinks, toilets – Kohler or better brand
Exteriors include:
  • Exterior wall sconces – Techno Lite Brand
  • Ground level patio of smooth towelled concrete (pulido) with integral color
  • Media Sombra Shade Structure over Patio & Parking areas.
  • Landscaping as needed with rescued native plants.
  • Roof and exterior terrace with sand texture finish waterproof membrane
Options Available

Outdoor bbq area package – ask for architectural sketches

Media Sombra (shade structure) – Roof Top Viewing Deck

Dishwasher – (plumbing and drainage included in base building)

Washer/dryer –(plumbing and drainage included in base building)

A/C units (plumbing and drainage included in base building):

1T unit (adequate for the bedrooms)

1.5T unit for the Salon/Kitchen areas.

In 1973 a constitutional amendment to Mexico’s Foreign Investment Law created the opportunity for foreign individuals to hold properties located within the ‘restricted zone’ (defined as an area within 50 kilometres of any coast and 100 kilometres of any border) by way of a trust agreement entered into between the individual and a registered Mexican bank. This trust agreement, called a Fideicomiso, provides that the bank hold the title to the property but all the legal rights of ownership – e.g. the unrestricted right to use and enjoy the property including the ability to sell, rent and bequeath the fideicomiso or property to whomever they choose – rests with the individual. Fideicomisos are for a term of 50 years with an irrevocable renewal for an additional 50 year period.

The cost of a Fideicomiso is approximately $500/per year.

Property within the restricted zone can be held by a Mexican corporation which can be wholly owned by foreigners. However, the annual reporting requirements for Mexican corporations are generally more costly than a fideicomiso.

Estimated Base Closing Costs







SUB-TOTAL: $6,093.00 USD

Yes. Stove, fridge, kitchen exhaust and ceiling fans in the bedrooms and living/salon area are included, and wiring and plumbing will be included for possible inclusion of a dishwasher, stacked washer/dryer and A/C units.

We have standard fixtures/lighting etc. included in the cost of the home. (eg. toilets and sinks will be Kohler or better). If purchaser wants to upgrade, we can work with them and the architect to determine an allowance as well as attempt to secure fixtures that they want. Our on-staff designer, April Tidey, is available, at additional expense, to work with purchasers with respect to furnishings, fixtures etc. http://www.apriltidey.com/

We are not offering a furnishing ‘package’, but interior design services are available through our in-house designer April Tidey at an additional cost. April’s work is showcased in her website which can be found at http://www.apriltidey.com/

No, but plumbing and wiring will be included in the base building plans for split a/c units in each bedroom and the living area.

There is a bodega under the outside stairway on each unit.

Pets will be allowed, guidelines will be included in the CC and R’s

It is available at home owners cost. Approximate cost of $50/month for unlimited wifi with a $500 US set up fee. Recommended for rentals.

The development was purposely designed with a single point of entrance and exit. Included in our estimate of the HOA dues is a provision for a ‘receptionist’ to be located adjacent to the entrance who can provide visual inspection of people entering and exiting the project as well as provide a meet and greet service as owners or their guests arrive and a central clearing house for questions/information.

We have also retained an engineering firm and horticultural specialist to advise on robust perimeter planting of “prickly plants” in addition to a hidden fence within the planted perimeter.

Contact Mark Catania for local historical occupancy rates and estimated rental income for each casa type.

Included in our estimate of the HOA dues is a provision for a ‘receptionist’ to be located adjacent to the entry to the project who will provide a meet and greet service as owners or their guests arrive and a central clearing house for questions/information. We anticipate that this person would also provide concierge type services such as ‘freshening’ the home prior to arrival, stocking the refrigerator with basic provisions in advance of arrival etc. We anticipate a ‘menu’ of services will be developed with costs associated with each level of service.

Landscaping adjacent to the home will be done by the developer at the completion of construction. Generally speaking, the intention is to repurpose Torote trees, Cardon cacti and other native plants that were saved during land clearing and which have been relocated to a hosting area at the back of the property. The developer does intend to add a selected number of palm trees throughout the property. Maintenance of all landscaping will be done by gardener(s) employed by the HOA and hence will be included in monthly HOA fees.

Our estimate is $325 month. Will cover the following:

– Landscaping of all common and private area grounds

– Maintenance of all common area machinery, pumps, infrastructure

– Security

– Maintenance and servicing of pool and systems related to the pool.

– Trash removal

– Road servicing

– Common area lighting and electricity

– The HOA will have the ability to impose special assessments.

The electrical system is designed as a ‘hybrid’ system such that electricity generated via the solar panels during daylight hour is either used in the home or ‘sold’ to the electrical utility (CFE) through the individual meter on each home’s account. During non-daylight hours’ electricity will come from the grid. The intention is to reduce the overall amount of power taken from the grid and hence monthly costs. The electrical infrastructure for the grid connection is in place and ready to be hooked up as each home is built.

The sewage system will be centralized which captures both black and grey water from each home. Sewage will be treated onsite and the treated water will be returned to the irrigation system thereby reducing overall water consumption. Occasionally the central system will require pumping and the cost will be included in the HOA fees.

The base building specifications for each home includes a 5,000 liter cistern underneath the driveway. These cisterns will be filled on demand through the project’s water distribution system which is directly connected to the well at the north east corner of the property. There will be a separate water meter for each home.

The project’s source of water is a private well owned by the condominium, sanctioned by the water utility, located at the south west corner of the property. The well infrastructure and the complete distribution system are currently in place.

Yes, home Insurance for items such as fire, theft and hurricane damage are available through local brokers. Quotes are $1,000 – $1,200 US annually depending upon casa type/size.

The developer of Pueblo Pescadero has gone to the expense of securing a concession for water rights from the Mexican national governing body of water, Conagua. This concession includes approval for the well on the Pueblo Pescadero site which is located in the north east corner of the property.