The underlying theme for Pueblo Pescadero is simplicity. The community is a collection of one, two and three-bedroom homes built to a maximum of two stories. Our designs have consciously focused on achieving a balance between indoor and outdoor living areas and all our homes include private patios adjacent to the living rooms as well as rooftop galleries where you can access the stunning views of the ocean or our nearby mountains.  Click on ‘Our Casas’ to see the individual layouts.


Our masterplan consists of 32 individual lots within a 1.5 hectare (3.75 acres) masterlot.  The approved subdivision plan is based on a ‘horizontal’ condominium structure such that all owners will have separate legal title to their lot as well as an indivisible interest with other lot owners in the considerable common areas within Pueblo Pescadero.

  • Security – Our security at Pueblo Pescadero will be diligent but not obtrusive.  Perimeter security will be provided by a ‘robustly’ planted barrier rather than a solid wall.  We are not a ‘gated’ community, but we have purposely designed the vehicle entry through a single entry/exit point and there will be ‘eyes’ on that entry at all hours of the day.
  • Privacy – Pueblo Pescadero is a ‘compact’ community but privacy will be a key aspect of the overall development strategy. The location and layout of the individual lots in the Masterplan have taken into consideration the topography of the site and the relationship to neighboring lots. Consideration has been given to the open areas between each lot and building heights have been restricted on a number of the casas in order to preserve views and enhance the private areas.



  • Natural habitats – wherever possible the significant trees, cacti and shrubbery that were indigenous to the site have been maintained.  Many of the plants that had to be removed to accommodate circulation through the project have been relocated to common areas.
  • Services and Access – all services (e.g. electrical, water delivery, waste management, water storage etc.) within Pueblo Pescadero are located underground and water and electricity usage will be separately metered for each lot.  The masterplan accommodates parking for at least one vehicle within the boundaries of each lot and a number of parking stalls for visitors have been included near the multi-purpose building.
  • Common amenities – Pueblo Pescadero will include a swimming pool and a multi-purpose building that will accommodate a reception area, facilities for maintenance and security personnel and possibly a small food and beverage facility.  We are also considering a small number of hotel type rooms on the second level of this building which will be available to guests of our owners on a nightly rental basis.