Todos Santos – Pueblo Magico


“Pueblos Mágicos”. This designation is bestowed upon a town that possesses historical, cultural and architectural significance and reflects the unique value it offers to the tourism industry.

Todos Santos, a short drive up the road from Pescadero, is situated on the Tropic of Cancer. This former sugar milling center is nestled amongst ancient orchards of mango and palm, with spectacular views overlooking white sand beaches and the Pacific Ocean.


It is a haven for artists, craftsmen, surfers and travelers seeking adventure, natural beauty and a healthy lifestyle.  An eclectic cultural scene that draws from the vibrant personalities of the local artists and restaurateurs serving unique fare created from locally grown organic produce

It is here that rich history, centuries’ old traditions and warm hospitality blend with modern conveniences to make this a magical community. We welcome you to experience the fine dining, excellent shopping and renowned galleries of Todos Santos, Baja’s one and only “Pueblo Magíco”.