Rentals and Investment Income

ROI Investment

Completion of the 4 lane highway from Cabo San Lucas to Pescadero has reduced drive time to our community from 2 hours to 40 minutes to 40 minutes.  Convenient for supply shopping at chain stores such as Costco, Walmart and Home Depot. 

The addition of the Cabo By-Pass from the SJD airport has reduced drive time from 3 hours to 1 hour to Pescadero

The recent addition of 3 or more major boutique resorts opening up in our immediate area has raised the profile exponentially with west coast North Americans.  Travelling from LA, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle in addition to locations such as Colorado, is now a half day from departure to arrival.


Rancho Pescadero is in the midst of expanding from a 24 room boutique resort to 96 rooms with room rates in excess of 1000/per night, a large spa and yoga facility and 2 farm to table restaurants.  

This is an “adult only” resort that holds large special events such as weddings and corporate gatherings.  Many families coming to these events requires accommodations.  Pueblo Pescadero is a right around the corner and a convenient 10-minute walk to the resort.


A second resort named “Paradero” has recently opened just north of Pescadero and south of Todos Santos.  This new resort is also a “adult only” boutique resort nestled in amongst the farmlands of Pescadero and the Pacific ocean providing local experiences from sea and land to gastronomic tours.  Again, room rates are in the 500 to 1000/per night


A 3rd high end boutique resort located just north of Pescadero and south ofTodos Santos has recently opened.  This is another “Adult Only” resort with room rates in excess of 700/night that hosts wedding and special events that requires invited families to locate rental accommodations for their family in the immediate area.

The combination of the above factors is driving accommodation occupancy & prices up, and fast at Pueblo Pescadero.

Our rental rates for homes currently range from 250/night to 400/night depending upon time of season and home.  Rental rates have double in the last 3 years. We would anticipate this to double in the next 3 years.